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DT Swiss / Maple Hub Conversion Chart

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DT Swiss Hub compatibility

DT Swiss makes some of the most convertible hubs on the market. There’s a solution to just about any set up and most configurations can be changed without tools in a couple of minutes. However there are some limitations and a few items to take into consideration. Below are the most common combos we run into. Everything below is for disc brake hubs only. If you need help converting your hub, let us know and we’ll let you know what you need to convert your hubs.

DT 350s

  • FRONT: The stock quick release version cannot be converted. However, DT Swiss is moving away from the solid axle QR version, and soon most of the newer QR builds will use a convertible hub. The 15mm thru axle hub has the ability to be converted to QR and 12mm. If you purchased a wheel from Maple with DT 350s in QR don’t worry, we always use the 15mm hub and convert it for you (that way you can convert it into 12mm or 15mm should you need to later). Straight Pull and Classic hubs use the same part numbers
  •  REAR: No limitations, but Classic and Straight Pull use different part numbers.

DT 240s

  • FRONT: There is a long list of available 240 front hubs: straight pull, classic, 6 bolt, center lock, standard, oversize, fifteen, and lefty are just some. The Standard Size Classic 6 Bolt option cannot be converted to other common sizes, therefore we do not use that hub at Maple.* For 6 Bolt wheels, we use the “Oversize” version as this can be converted to QR, 9mm, 15mm, and 20mm axles. All of the center lock hubs (Straight Pull and Classic) can be converted into QR, 9mm, 12mm, and 15mm with the same part number. The Oversize hub has its own part numbers.
  • REAR: No limitations, but Classic and Straight Pull use different part numbers.


Boost hubs are all the rage on new bikes. For the most part, you can convert non-boost hub to boost with a conversion kit (from one of our favorite brands, Wolftooth Components), but you’ll also need a re-dish of your wheel. The advantages of Boost come from the wider spacing with the hub flanges, so converting your old wheels won’t provide those benefits. It simply means you’ll be able to use your old wheels in your new frame. If you’re buying a new frame just for Boost, then you’ll want proper Boost wheels for it.


SCS and Specialized

Questions about Specialized SCS compatibility come up often. And while it may seem like the 135×12 end caps are your solution, there are few other things to consider. Specialized uses a special derailleur hanger on their SCS bikes that creates a situation where only Specialized SCS wheels will work. For those bikes, you’re stuck with Specialized wheels, or you can pick up a custom machined adaptor/cassette combo from Next Cycling. If you are riding on an SCS Crux, Specialized should have sent you a replacement derailleur hanger that would make your frame compatible with non-SCS wheels, like a sweet set of Maple 450s. At this time, the Crux and the Diverge are the only frames that we know about that has the option of a non-SCS hanger. If you’d like to convert a set of DT Swiss hubs to fit your SCS Crux make sure you have the new hanger and choose 135x12mm. There’s nothing special about front wheels on SCS bikes, so the 12mm caps would be what you need.

Another note about Specialized, it looks like the new 2018 Crux will require you use the standard quick release style center lock lock ring on your front rotor. On older Crux’s you could use the 12/15/20mm Shimano thru axle lock ring. But on the new Crux, there isn’t enough room to use that lock ring. The quick release lock ring (it looks like a cassette lock ring) also works with 12mm thru axles and is recommended if you have a new Crux. If you have 6 bolt wheels, you’re all set.

* You can determine if your front hub is Standard or Oversize by the rotor mount. The Oversize rotor mount continues all the way to the hub flange. The Standard has a large space between the rotor mount and flange (you’ll be able to see the backs of the rotor bolts). If you purchased wheels from Maple, we always use the Oversize on our 240 6 Bolt wheels.

** If you’re unsure if you have Straight Pull or Classic hubs, Maple uses Classic style hubs on all orders. The only time we use Straight Pull hubs is if a customer requests it on a custom order.